Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hello, and welcome to housemate hell.

Hi there,

Okay, so THIS blog is really a place for me to vent and put to virtual paper my many experiences with crazy, psychotic, neurotic, demented housemates.

I've got plenty to talk about!

* drunken internet stealing guttergoth
* "good luck getting to the hospital,"
* fake heart attack clothes hoarder
* Shoestealer (this one is an ex, does that count?
* senile dementia stank poltergeist
* Demon posession girl
* trash hoarding rattle-shaker
* neurotic trader joe's bag lawn dump banshee

Warning- this is going to be a negative train-wreck of vitriol and crazy. Just to warn you now. I just have to get this crap off my chest.

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